Affordable private lessons available at convenient times to fit your schedule at your home or Petlicious Dog Bakery.

PRIVATE LESSONS can be tailored to your needs. I do private training lessons to address training issues and minor behavior problems. I also do behavior consultations for more severe issues like fear, anxiety and aggression. Many of the area veterinary professionals recommend me and I’m known and respected for my work with canine behavior.

ABOUT ME – I am a Behavior Consultant – 1 of only 4 certified by the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants ( in the entire state of Wisconsin. I am also a Certified Dog Trainer. I have been training for almost 2 decades. I have also fostered dogs for over 20 years and am the Dog Training/Behavior Manager at local shelter, where I have been worked for over a decade. I work with challenging dogs, high energy dogs and shy/fearful dogs. I have been voted Milwaukee’s Top Trainer and am an evaluator for therapy dogs through the Alliance of Therapy Dogs organization.

BASIC TRAINING PRIVATE LESSONS – These lessons are for addressing basic issues like teaching alternative behaviors to jumping, teaching your dog to come when called, addressing excess energy and more. These are great for people who are having just a few minor issues with their dog, want to work with 2 dogs per session or that due to scheduling, can’t fit into a regular class. Sessions are an hour in length and handouts are given as needed and are geared to your needs.  Dog lovers can split lessons with friends or family and discounts are available for multiple lessons.

Fee: $95 per session at Petlicious Dog Bakery  In home: $125 plus mileage if outside of the Waukesha area.

BEHAVIOR CONSULTATIONS –  These consultations are for dogs exhibiting behavior problems. Behavior consultations are for shy/fearful dogs, aggression, destructive behavior, dog/dog aggression in home and leash reactivity. During the consultation, we will take a background history, conduct initial assessments, provide consulting, and discuss recommendations for management and how to modify your dog’s behavior in the future. We will provide educational materials as necessary.  The first session will focus on a basic plan and as much information and tools are shared, however often with behavior issues multiple sessions are needed.

Fee: $125 at Petlicious Dog Bakery  In home: $145 plus mileage if outside of Waukesha area.

PHONE CONSULTATIONS – Phone consultations are available for behaviors that are less serious in nature such as crate training, housetraining and more. Phone consults can also be used to get direction, guidance and recommendations on more serious behavior problems offering affordable practical advice in the comfort of your home. I can advise you on whether a phone consultation can work for your particular issue.

Fee: $30 for 15 minutes.

CANINE ENRICHMENT/ASSESSMENT PRIVATE LESSON –  This lesson is a one hour private session that looks at your dog’s life as a whole. Your time, schedule and challenges, along with your dog’s temperament, breed, diet & lifestyle are all assessed to make the most of your time with your dog. Great not only for people interested in dealing with all the factors that can affect their dog’s mind and personality, but for the busy dog lover interested in improving their dog’s quality of life and preventing or addressing behavior problems. Based on your dog’s needs and your lifestyle, recommendations will be made to add some easy and fun training and enrichment ideas to improve your relationship with your dog and enhance your dog’s life 365 days a year. Even for those that don’t have behavior problems, this fun session is a great way to learn some new training techniques and food games you can play with your dog while improving your relationship and your dog’s life!

Fee: $95 per session at Petlicious Dog Bakery  In home: $125 plus mileage if outside of the Waukesha area.

PUPPY HEADSTART – This is a great way to get started on the dog of your dreams. Headstart is great for those that don’t have time for a puppy class, want to get a jump start before a class or for medical reasons can’t get your dog into class right away. This is a great way to get all the information you need to raise a fabulous puppy in a private lesson designed just for you! In this 90 minute session, you will learn about housetraining, crate training and address puppy behaviors like jumping and mouthing. This informative lesson will give you a head start on raising the perfect puppy!

Fee: $125 at Petlicious Dog Bakery  In home: $145 plus mileage if outside of Waukesha area.

CONSULTATIONS OUTSIDE OF WAUKESHA COUNTY –  I have a lot of requests locally for my services so don’t often travel outside of Waukesha county area unless my schedule allows. There is a mileage charge so Milwaukee area parties often must come to me if possible or pay a mileage fee.

Contact Carol for additional information or questions.