I do private training lessons to address training issues, raise a great puppy, and/or address minor behavior problems. I also do behavior consultations for more severe behavior problems in dogs such as dog/dog aggression, leash reactivity, fear, anxiety and aggression.  I also do phone consultations for housetraining problems in dogs. I have worked with area veterinarians and am well known and respected for my work with canine behavior.

Let me know what challenges you are having with your dog and I can guide you to which type of lesson you will need. We can do sessions at Petlicious Dog Bakery in Waukesha, WI, or by utilizing a detailed consultation form and video, if needed. Home visits are also available on a limited basis due to my schedule.

Training Private Lessons at Petlicious Dog Bakery

These are for addressing basic issues like teaching alternative behaviors to jumping, teaching your dog to come when called, addressing excess energy and more. These are great for people who are having just a few minor issues with their dog, want to work with two dogs per session, or that due to scheduling, can’t fit into a regular class and want a great dog. Sessions are an hour in length and handouts are given as needed and are geared to your needs.

Fee: $75-95 per session at Petlicious Dog Bakery. In home: $140 plus mileage. Additional mileage applies if outside the Waukesha area. Follow up sessions are discounted and discounts are available for multiple packs or puppy training sessions. These sessions are 60-75 minutes in length.

Training Private Lesson – In Home Visits

Home visits are also done in the Waukesha County area but there is an additional charge for mileage. I have a lot of requests locally for my services so don’t often travel outside of Waukesha county. Milwaukee area parties often come to me, if possible, or pay an additional mileage fee.

Behavior Consultations at Petlicious Dog Bakery

Behavior Consultations including shy/fearful dogs, aggression, resource guarding, destructive behavior, dog/dog aggression in home, leash reactivity and more!

These consultations are for dogs exhibiting behavior problems. Through a detailed history form and video if necessary, we can do these consultations outside of the home.  As a professional with extensive experience with aggression, I do not need to see the behavior(s) in order to be able to help you and your dog. During the consultation, we will take a background history, conduct initial assessments, provide consulting, and discuss recommendations for management and how to modify your dog’s behavior in the future. I will provide educational materials as necessary. The first session will focus on a basic plan. Information and reading are shared, however behavior issues, unless mild in nature, will require more than one session. Although I wish I could help all people in one consultation, it’s not always possible. There are no shortcuts to behavior modification. It can take weeks or months of regular behavior modification, training and response prevention to teach dogs more appropriate behaviors. I would love to solve a well-ingrained problem or fear (most aggression is fear and anxiety based) in one or two easy sessions but that is often not realistic. That said, I have many clients with great success so it can be done, but depending on the number of issues and the severity of issues, often multiple sessions will be necessary.

Fee: $175-195 at Petlicious Dog Bakery.  In home: $195 plus mileage. Follow up sessions are discounted – $140. These sessions are 75-120 minutes in length.

Behavior Consultations – In Home Visits

Behavior consultations can also be in home in the Waukesha County area but there is an additional charge for mileage. I have a lot of requests locally for my services so don’t often travel outside of Waukesha county. Milwaukee area parties often come to me, if possible, or pay an additional mileage fee. Email for more detailed information.

Phone Consultations for Training or Behavior – Get help NOW!

Training Phone consultations are available for behaviors that are less serious in nature such as crate training, jumping, leash manners, housetraining and more. Phone consultation (training) Fee: $40 for 20 minutes. $50 for 30 minutes. $1 each additional minute.

Phone consultations (Behavior) can be utilized for more serious issues including reactivity, anxiety, aggression, etc., in an effort to provide direction, answer questions and more. The consultation will help provide a framework, discuss next steps/options, assess for risks, and provide additional reading and resources for dogs exhibiting more severe issues. With behavior issues, there will be additional sessions/work needed but this gives clients a great starting point on the road to dealing with behavior issues. I can tell you if a behavior consultation can work for your situation. Phone consultations (behavior) Fee: $95 for 1 hour.

To schedule, complete phone consultation form with payment and include your time preference for morning, afternoon or evening. You will be contacted with available times.

Housetraining Help via Phone/Remote

Potty accidents can be one of the most frustrating things about having a canine companion. No one likes potty accidents, but there is help. As a certified trainer and behavior consultant not only do I know the tricks of the trade, but I have been fostering for over 20 years. I have fostered dogs as large as 100 pounds and as small as 4 pounds.  I have had breeds that are known to be notoriously more challenging to housetrain.  I have had MANY dogs through my home through fostering –  all without compromising my carpet and home!

How can I help you? With a remote housetraining phone consultation, you can get housetraining help, sort out all the misinformation and get help in the privacy of your own home.  I can help make potty training simple regardless of where you live. With my tips and help, your dog will be on their way to being housetrained in no time.

Phone consultations are available mornings, evenings or weekends. Cost for a housetraining consultation is $60 for 40 minutes.

To schedule, complete phone consultation form with payment and include your time preference for morning, afternoon, or evening and you will be contacted with available times.

….About Me

I am a Behavior Consultant – 1 of only 4 certified by the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (www.iaabc.org) in the entire state of Wisconsin. I am an Associated Certified Dog Behavior Consultant through the IAABC and a Certified Professional Dog Trainer through the CCPDT. I have been training for almost 2 decades. I have also fostered dogs for over 20 years and am the Dog Training/Behavior Manager at Elmbrook Humane Society, where I have been working for 13 years. I work with challenging dogs, high energy dogs and shy/fearful dogs. I have been voted Milwaukee’s Top Trainer and am an evaluator for therapy dogs through the Alliance of Therapy Dogs organization.

Training Methods

As an Associated Certified Behavior Consultant (www.iaabc.org) and Certified Professional Dog Trainer (www.ccpdt.org), I follow the science of dog behavior/ethology. As a force-free trainer that follows the science of training and must keep up to date on the latest studies, I do not utilize shock collars or aversive training methods to “correct” the dog but instead utilize positive, force-free training that is backed by science on how canines learn. Read more at https://positively.com/dog-training/positive-training/what-is-positive-training.

The Process/What to Expect at Your Consultation

Once a date is agreed upon, a detailed consultation form will be emailed to you. The form should be emailed back at least 48 hours prior to our consultation. This will help us make the best use of our time.  Payment is due at the time of consultation and is payable via PayPal or cash.

Interested in Private Lessons or a Behavior Consultation?

If you are interested in setting up a consultation, please contact me via email and let me know your issues and your availability including days and times, and I will let you know what appointments are open. I do book up quickly so the more options you can give me the better. I will then send you a detailed consultation form to complete prior to our consultation to help us make the best use of our time together.