Giving your dog a gift!

Have you ever felt the thrill of unwrapping a gift? The excitement! The anticipation! Sometimes the wonder is as fun as the present!  Imagine if you could give your dog that feeling EVERY day. You can!  Did you know that dogs experience excitement and feel good hormones in anticipation of a reward much like we do when we unwrap a present!  The anticipation can be as much fun as the reward so hide a few pieces of your dog’s food. Studies show they also experience a “Eureka” effect when they do something new much like we do!

But food can also do so much more! It can change a dog’s brain chemistry making it helpful from training basic behaviors to addressing behavioral problems, fear and aggression. It improve a dog’s ability to focus and pay attention.  The presence of food can impact the brain and turn down the emotional brain and shift to the calmer part of the brain associated with improved learning.  Turn down the emotional brain and shifts to the calmer part of the brain associated with improved learning.

Play games with your dog. Teach him a trick. Use food rewards daily.  By doing so you are giving your dog a “gift” every day!

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