Carol Sumbry is both a Behavior Consultant and a Certified Professional Dog Trainer and available to present seminars for your organization. As one of only four certified behavior consultants certified by the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants in the state, Carol’s experience includes two decades of fostering and volunteering through non-profit rescues, over 11 years of shelter experience and two decades of dog training experience. Voted #1 Dog Trainer in The Milwaukee Journal’s Top Choice Awards, Carol is known through the greater Milwaukee area for her work and common sense approach to training dogs. Carol is dedicated to helping shelters, rescues and foster homes improve the lives of dogs in their care through education. Discounts for non-profits are available. Please email or call 414-559-0445 for seminar information, availability and pricing.

Topics available:

The 3 Pillars of a Well Behaved Dog

Seminar Description: Show me a dog that doesn’t get adequate mental stimulation and I will show you a dog that has behavior issues or is bored with life. Learn some easy and fun ways to use food to open up a whole new world for you and your dog. Most dogs, even those that get lots of physical exercise, are severely lacking in MENTAL stimulation. Dogs need to use their mind and think daily. Many of our dogs are bored. Rather than hunting, their dinner consists of 2 minutes of quick eating. They miss out on their natural instincts to hunt, pull, grab, chew and think! Since meal time doesn’t provide an outlet for these instinctual behaviors, they find another outlet like barking out the window all day, tearing up the furniture, chewing on the couch. That’s where the interactive toys and mental stimulation come in. They are like sports for your dogs and uses their natural instinct to hunt, keeping them busy and out of mischief! This enrichment is good for their mental health. Learn how to use interactive toys to enhance your dog’s quality of life, how to make toys, and a few games you can play to enhance your bond and mentally challenge your dog!     Length: 1 hour

Teaching the Perfect Recall/Come

Seminar Description: Does your dog come running when you call him or does he run the other way? In this seminar, you will learn how to teach your dog the perfect recall!  Your dog will learn how to come not just at home but in a variety of environments with distractions. A reliable recall could save your dog’s life. This is a force free training seminar.  Length: 90 minutes

Dog to Dog Meet and Greets for Rescues/Shelters

Seminar Desciption: The goal of the meet and greet is to have a successful introduction to see if two dogs can be compatible in a home.  Facilitating a proper greeting can help lay the foundation for the dogs’ relationships. Relationships, both human and canine, take time to grow but proper introductions can set the dogs up for success. This seminar will discuss body language and best way to introduce for success.  Length: 90 minutes  Cost : $10. Call 262-782-9261 to reserve your spot. Space is limited

Rescuing, Fostering and Adopting the Puppymill Dog

Seminar Description: Puppymill dogs present unique challenges for foster homes, rescues and adopters. These dogs have literally been “incarcerated” their whole lives. This seminar helps  understand those challenges with tips on helping the puppymill dog “be all they can be”. Dogs are amazing creatures and puppymill rescues can truly surprise us. Some can go on to be therapy dogs. Some will be very well-adjusted. Some will always be shy. This seminar will help caretakers show these special dogs that there is more to life, that humans CAN be trusted and help take each dog as far as they can go in their new life of freedom outside the mill.    Length: 3 hours

Shy Dogs

Seminar Description: Why is my dog shy and how can I help him live a quality of life? Being shy isn’t a death sentence and our goal is not always to turn the shy dog into a social butterfly but help the shy dog be comfortable in his own skin. Topics include: Confidence Building, Calming Signals, Communication, Obedience Training, Anxiety Reduction, Meeting Strangers, Massage, and other information to help those living with shy dogs.      Length: 3 hours

Fostering Dogs

Seminar Description: Fostering is the “job” of taking in a homeless dog and making him more adoptable through training and socialization so that he can find a forever home for life. We will cover ways to make a foster dog more adoptable by putting more on his “resume”. Includes tips from introducing a new dog into your home, training, placement/marketing and the emotional side of fostering.    Length: 3 hours

Aggression and Dogs

Seminar Description: What are the causes and contributing factors of aggressive behaviors in dogs? This seminar is designed for rescues, foster homes and dog owners that would like to learn more about aggression. We will discuss the most common types of aggression, learn about behavior modification and share some insight and tips on managing aggression in your home.

NOTE: This seminar will cover the basics of aggression, it’s causes and types, and behavior modification techniques. It is not intended as a substitute for professional help with canine aggression.  Length: 3 hours

Unleashed at the Dog Park – Having Fun and Staying Safe

Seminar Description: Are you and your dog ready for warm weather and going to the dog park? Like kids, many dogs love to play and romp but just like kids, not all dogs get along and not all dogs are suited for dog park or group play. Is your dog a good candidate for dog parks? Learn more on about keeping your canine companion safe at the dog park. What to bring – what to watch out for – what training your dog should have before considering visiting a dog park.  Learn the good and bad about dog parks  in this short but  informative presentation about dog parks.  Length:  1 1/2 hours

How Dogs Think and The Basics of Training Your Dog

Seminar Description: How do dogs view their world and how can we use that to help train our dogs? What basic commands should all dogs know and what are some training tips to having a well behaved companion? Training can be fun and easy with a few simple tips and looking at things from your dog’s perspective.      Length: 1 hour