We took class with Carol as Lucy is higher energy than dogs we had previously. We were able to get a better handle on her behavior and tools to deal with her. Through this class I learned how to get Lucy to focus on me, and found her to be very trainable.  I liked that it was not a large class and we had ample room to work with our dog. We got individual attention and tips. I learned many things – all things I had never done previously because I did not know about the dog’s needs. I’m not sure we would have kept Lucy without help from Carol because we did not think we could handle her energy and behaviors.

Pat Mirales and Lucy

Carol Sumbry has an amazing insight into dog behavior.

I came to Carol with my 9 month old foster dog, Billy who has had all sorts of behavior issues due to an abusive situation.  His fears are innumerable (Fear of mandolin, cutting board, flowers in a vase) and he is also unpredictable. He gets easily over aroused and has not been able to interact with any other dogs outside of the one that we own.

When I initially brought Billy to Carol, she watched him very carefully as she introduced him to different situations.  She told me that he would be a challenge but she never discouraged me from trying.

In the short eight weeks since our first visit, Carol has made such an impression on me with the way she interacts with Billy and gets him to do things for her without saying a word.

Carol is the “Bully Whisperer” because she really understands the bully breeds. I have already seen great improvements in Billy using some of Carol’s methods of positive reinforcement.  And when I say positive reinforcement, I don’t mean an endless stream of treats. You use them until they learn the behavior, and then discontinue.

Carol Sumbry is a dedicated trainer and coach – I use the word coach because I need as much help as Billy when it comes to timing and methods. Carol is a jewel for those people with issue dogs. She shows no fear, only kindness and an uncanny ability to get us all to do what she wants. Thank you, Carol.

Karen Erbach and Billy

I heard about you after attending a seminar at Elmbrook Humane Society. You are a wonderful trainer. I learned so much in a short time. I loved the impulse control exercises. You have great people skills and business skills – something often missing from the dog training profession! You can absolutely use me for a reference! I have already recommended you.

Milwaukee Pets Alive

I can’t say enough about the skill and caring of Carol Sumbry with Pooch Ped Dog Training. She is so knowledgeable and willing to help however she can with challenging dogs. She shares her skills with shelter & rescue dogs that are in need and is committed to her students and their furbabies. If you are looking for a qualified, caring, affordable trainer in the Waukesha/Milwaukee area – I urge you to look into her classes. They are truly life-changing.

Monica Anne & Cash

I honestly felt I learned more in this class (Basic Manners & More) than I did in 2 other classes and 2 privates elsewhere COMBINED! Carol is very likeable to both humans and canines and you can quote me. I learned some great ideas and tips.

Joy Durski and Ruby (Spa Paw & Tail 2015)

Challenges/Issues: Fear based aggression with other dogs, certain people; fear of loud noises such as fireworks/thunderstorms/construction;

Referred by: Geno Smith of Central Bark initially recommended Carol.

What this session helpful? Yes, extremely helpful. Carol is the best trainer we’ve consulted with and we came away with so many new ideas to work on and implement.

What insights did you gain into training or into you or your dog’s behavior? That I need to work with my dog removing her stress triggers to prevent the trigger stacking, work on behavior modification, work on recall, new ideas to manage her noise phobias. As far as insights to myself, I need to work with her more on being calm as well as keeping myself calm and not getting frustrated. There are many tools out there for her to succeed!

Was the information presented in a clear manner? Yes, we definitely went over a lot of very useful information and ideas.

Were your questions/concerns addressed? Yes, definitely!

The most useful information was: new things we could use outdoors, indoors such as nothing happens until calm, taking mat outside and practicing calm, pattern games, running touch, find it, zen sit, etc. Random things game and reliable recall. Also, will check into calming cap and puppy sounds cd.

Other comments: Carol is an amazing dog trainer and gave us a wealth of information in the time we spent with her. We are looking forward to implementing the recommendations she’s provided and hope to re-train or modify the aggressive behaviors Lilly currently has. We were grateful she could see us for a private evaluation as I wasn’t sure where to turn next with my dog’s issues.

Stacy Zacher & Lilly Rose

I have had dogs for over 20 years, and I have known Carol Sumbry for over ten years. I highly recommend Carol as a dog sitter. She has watched my dogs on numerous occasions, and she has done a sterling job. Not only do my guys LOVE “Auntie Carol”, I know that they will receive sterling care from her. I do not know anyone who is more dedicated to the safety and well being of the animals under her care.

Julie Snape
Madison, WI / Midwest IG Rescue Volunteer

As a concerned dog owner, I would have never considered boarding my dog(s) and after having observed the manner in which Carol interacts with animals, I felt more then confident to leave my dog(s) in her care. Carol has cared for my animals the same way she cares for her own and each time I have left my dog(s), I have found them to be happy and well cared for upon my return. Carol has many years of experience with dogs and has fostered numerous dogs, many of which have had a variety of behavioral and medical problems.

Andrea Turner
Chicago, IL

Carol is an exceptional dog trainer with a tremendous wealth of knowledge. Carol has a great combination of people skills and compassion and understanding for animals. Her tireless work in dog rescue and obedience training is truly remarkable. I have recommended Carol in the past and certainly will recommend her in the future.

Year first hired: 2012 (hired more than once) per Linked In Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Jennifer Westphal
Wauwatosa, WI

I have known and worked with Carol Sumbry for 15 years in a rescue capacity..she is hands down the most ethical, honest, hard working and emotionally invested person I have ever met. She deeply cares for the dogs, always puts them and their needs first and she has a special ability to ‘connect’ with them. As a rescue representative for our organization, she supports our breed rescue throughout the year with training advice, adoptions, fundraising and fostering. If you need a trainer, pet sitter or just some advice, you can’t do better than to contact Carol.

Julie Payne, Director Italian Greyhound Club of America
IGCA Midwest Region