I have been teaching obedience classes for over 14 years, over 5 of which were at Petlicious Dog Bakery. I share my home with several adopted shelter or puppymill dogs. My dogs were all surrendered due to behavior problems but are now wonderful companions.

My training philosophy is simple. Like most people, I’m busy and therefore want to learn how to incorporate training into every day life, make it fun and enjoy living with my companion without feeling like training is a chore. I want a well behaved companion with which I can share a mutually enjoyable alliance so I use what I call relationship-based training.

This type of training is based on force free, positive methods and encourages a strong bond built on trust.

You learn what motivates your dog, how to communicate with your dog and how to show him what is expected with encouragement, kindness and support. Through positive training, you set your dog up for success, they learn to trust you and your relationship is strengthened. A dog that trusts you and understands what you want from him will want to spend time with you and work with you so the experience is mutually rewarding for you as well.

Dogs are very good at being dogs and most of their behaviors are completely appropriate in their world but, if we want them to live in our world successfully, we must show them how with patience and training what is wanted and expected.