Next Class: Tuesday,  September 6 and runs for 6 weeks.  Ages: 4 months – adult.

This class will focus on basic teaching manners PLUS so much more! This class is mainly focused on relationship building and your bond with your dog. You will learn how to incorporate basic manners into their dog’s day-to-day life while learning new cues. We will also splash in some fun activities like mental stimulation and teach focus and bonding exercises. Learning and training should be fun for you and the dog. The ultimate goal – a better relationship, a calmer/happier dog and a dog that can live successfully in our human world! As a certified trainer and certified behavior consultation, I utilize rewards including food and only use science-based, force free training methods. NOTE: Week 1 is informational only so leave your dog at home and bring your questions!  Cost $175. Sign up below or email for more information.

Dogs must be tolerant of other dogs on leash. This dog is not designed for “aggressive” or “reactive” dogs. Classes are small to ensure success for you and your companion!

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