What is the opposite of self-control? OUT-OF-CONTROL!!! Many dogs have very little self control. Obedience training doesn’t necessarily teach self-control.  A dog may be a model student in class and know sit, down, come and still be pushy and lack manners and struggle with arousal. Through the use of  training exercises, your dog can learn that behaviors like patience and exercising self control can control his environment and get the things he wants in life through calmer, more appropriate behaviors.  This is all taught with positive, science based training methods.

Class runs for 2 weeks. Each session is 75 minutes and is limited to 2-3 dogs so is great for the dog that might struggle in a larger classroom setting. Email and after class support also available to help students!

NOTE: Although dogs do not interact and have lots of space in these small semi private sessions, dogs must be tolerant of other dogs in a classroom setting.

NEXT CLASS: Watch for dates in 2017! Tuesdays at 7:15. 2 classes per session. Email info@carolscaninetraining.com to get on a waiting list.

Class runs for 2 weeks. Cost: $70. Lesson limited to 3 dogs. Call Petlicious Dog Bakery at 262-548-0923 or email info@carolscaninetraining.com for additional information.