This class is geared toward dogs that are shy and/or fearful with new people, objects and/or situations. We will teach basic cues and manners, but also work on confidence building and exercises for the shy dog. Handlers will be given a plan to help their shy dog feel more comfortable, relaxed and happy and get tools to help the shy dog cope, build confidence, and gain trust by providing a rewarding, safe environment for the shy dog.  Positive reward based training methods will be used to incorporate fun, training, structure and confidence to help the shy dog blossom and be more comfortable and confident in their surroundings.

Shy Dog Class

This class is excellent for puppymill dogs. Class sizes are small to ensure a calm environment for the dogs. This class is NOT designed for dog aggressive or leash reactive dogs.

PETLICIOUS DOG BAKERY – WAUKESHA.  Next class starts Tuesdays,  September 25 at 7:15pm. Call 262-548-0923 or email to sign up! Cost $125 for 5 weeks.